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DIY Search Engine Optimisation Techniques By Hype Marketing

Websites would often need professional SEO Perth services to boost up their ranking and gain more traffic. SEO services often do not come cheap and you may not be able to afford to hire one. This is especially true for websites that are just starting out and do not have a lot of budget to go with. To answer this problem, you can do your own search engine optimization.

A lot of people would be hesitant in doing their own search engine optimization because it is often an uncharted territory. The key is to understand the basics on how SEO works and you can start doing this on your own. Here are a few things that you can start with.

  1. Improve your web content. This is pretty straightforward and is a continuous process. You have to post articles that are relevant to your site and make sure that it contains keywords that users would normally search for. You get better at doing this in time and you will get the hang of including keywords that will be most used in searches in your articles.
  2. Start linking. This is probably the most tedious of all SEO methods but it is also one of the most effective. Look for related sites as this will be the best sites to link with. Also, in linking, be sure to use anchor text instead of your website URL. It will rank higher in searches if your link is in the relevant keywords instead of your URL.
  3. Allow social media sharing. Linking with other sites is not often enough these days. To be more visible, it is important to be present where there are a lot of people available and that is in social networks. Be sure that your web page allows sharing in social media to allow more shares which in turn will result to more traffic.

If you aren’t very good at this yet, don’t worry. SEO is something that you get better at with practice and time. So just keep practicing and you may not need professionals to do this for you at all.

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Amazing results

bouncy castle hire perth 930 x 358Late December, just before the end of 2013, a Perth business Perth Bouncy Castle Hire reached out to one of our team members in the Perth area for marketing advice.

Since then, they have now grown to a team of 15 staff in a matter of 1 month. Our marketing consultant Dave, explained the importance and potential of online marketing for their business.

We helped them incorporate the use of direct response style marketing into all their marketing material. Not only were they very pleased with the result, they now have a way to track all their marketing dollar.