7 Quick and Affordable Home Upgrades

By | October 10, 2013


Your home renovations project doesn’t need to be a major remodelling project just to have a new look for Perth home. The following are practical home renovation tips for those with limited time and money.

  1. Attractive track lighting for kid’s room. Brighten up children’s room by installing a track lighting. This task fixture can provide light to different areas of the room and are flexible enough to be moved around when needed. You can even highlight a picture or wall decal using bright colors such as yellow, green or orange light bulbs.
  2. Stainless steel switchplate covers. This is a practical, quick and affordable upgrade to get rid of old and yellowing covers of light switches and electrical outlets. Stainless steel switchplate covers are easy to install and will look clean and sleek once done on your walls.
  3. Flexible, foam pipe covering for insulating water pipes. Also termed as Thermacel Insulation, it’s a long term solution against wrapping your water pipes with rags or pieces of cloth keeping your pipe system insulated during the cold season. The foam pipe insulation material is flexible and is also chemical resistant. Ask or consult an expert for this home remodeling Perth if you don’t have good knowledge on your plumbing system.
  4. Versatile and functional lazy Susan for your cleaning agents. This ingenious device works not only for storing food but can brighten up messy cabinets in your laundry or bathroom. You can choose attractive patterns and designs to add character even to your storage areas at home.
  5. New paint and doorknob for your entrance doors. If you’re looking for a place to begin in your home renovation Perth, the entrance door can give you a head start without being too overwhelmed with the process of remodelling. You can greet visitors with a new door knob or new color on your door as a DIY project. You may also choose to repurpose old items in your house to make an attractive side door décor.
  6. Attractive feature wall for your living room. Pull together the design elements in your living or family room with a good-sized feature wall. Choose one side of a room such as a wall surrounding a chimney or in between large windows and paint with a bold color contrasting the main color of the walls. Place a large painting or mirror at the center to act as a focal point. A gallery of framed photos or smaller paintings can also work for the feature wall. If your budget allows, use textured vinyl or brick instead of paint to create an organic look.
  7. Low-e and double glazed windows for energy efficiency. Take advantage of the new technology of windows and cut off energy costs in heating and cooling. Low e windows can protect your furniture and other interior elements from fading under the intense heat of the sun. Double glazed windows are energy efficient because it prevents unwanted heat from entering the building while insulates heat during the cold season. They are easy install and can be DIY project for your home renovations.


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